Khon Kaen Zoo at Khao Suan Kwang

Khon Kaen Zoo Thailand

Day Trip To Khon Kaen Zoo at Khao Suan Kwang

A visit to the large Khao Suan Kwang Zoo (sometimes referred to as Khon Kaen Zoo) is a popular day out for families visiting the region. The zoo is under an hour's drive from Gecko Villa, south of Udon Thani. Given its size (covering an area of over 3,300 rai) and the variety of things to see and do at the zoo, it makes a good day trip. The zoo comprises numerous different zones. In certain areas you will see birds and animals in a very natural setting, whilst other areas are dedicated to a large water park where children can enjoy a swim and water slides, and to spots where displays featuring specific animals can be watched.

Out of Africa: Some of the Species at the Zoo

At the "Hello Madagascar" zone, you will see a wide variety of species from Africa, with - to name just a few - black-and-white ruffed lemur, ring-tailed lemur and squirrel monkeys. Of course, the zoo also features the perennially popular lions, tigers, white lions, white rhinoceros, pigmy hippos, meerkat, monkeys, giraffes, emu, ostrich, flamingo and hippopotamus. Check the displayed times if you would like to watch the tiger feeding, or displays such as that featuring the fast-swimming seals.

The Skywalk at Khao Suan Kwang Zoo

Khao Suan Kwang khon Kaen Skywalk The "skywalk" is also a popular attraction, especially for more adventurous and brave-hearted visitors. High in the sky, it allows visitors to enjoy an aerial view of the large animals below, as if seen from an air balloon. Not everyone dares to take the option of walking across those sections of the sky walk that are comprised simply of transparent glass floor panels, with views plunging down to the wildlife below...

The Deer Park

The Tung Saen Kwang zone is home to hundreds of deer, featuring chital, Myanmar Eld, albino barking deer, hog deer, Sika deer, Sambar deer and Rusa deer amongst others. Visitors can feed the inquisitive deer with appropriate food provided by the zoo itself.

Map of Khon Kaen Zoo at Khao Suan Kwang

Khao Suan Kwang khon Kaen Zoo Map

Khon Kaen Zoo Ticket Prices

Entrance to the zoo for overseas visitors costs THB150 per adult and THB75 per child.