Photography in Thailand around Gecko Villa & Unique Photo Shoots in Thailand

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Capture the heart of Thailand

Gecko Villa has played host to a number of professional international photographers seeking a variety of subjects off the beaten tourist path, and the surrounding area also offers a wide diversity of opportunities for the amateur photographer. We will be happy to assist you in your hunt for unusual photos - not only by taking you to hidden or photogenic places at the correct time of day, but also in translating where required - helping you to build a rapport with your subjects to avoid posed pictures and illuminate your photos with more spontaneity, lending them a more natural look. Of course, whilst we can assist you with our local knowledge and interaction with your subjects, your own photographic skills will form the heart of your pictures...

Familiarizing you with the local area and its people, and so helping others discover this subject-rich region through your photos, is our pleasure - there is no charge for such assistance.

Photography in Thailand

Thailand is a photographer's paradise. Portrait photographers are delighted by the friendly, welcoming nature of the Thais that makes taking pictures so much easier, and in particular by the wide range of subjects - from a baby in a hammock, to a file of smiling schoolchildren immaculately turned out on their way to school along a country road, to a bonze having his head shaved as he enters monk hood or a cook preparing an exotic meal, to the wizened face of a rice farmer. Landscape photographers will enjoy the stunning diversity of Thailand's topography and regions, from desert island beaches and aquamarine seas, to the thick jungles of the North and the emerald rice fields of the Northeast. Natural history photographers will be able to capture and shoot a wide variety of fauna and flora.

Digital or film when shooting in Thailand?

A wide stock of film is available in Udon Thani, but we recommend that professional photographers bring their own film to avoid any possible problems with the storage and age of rarer stock. A wide variety of digital media and storage solutions as well as post-shoot digital manipulation may be secured in Udon Thani. Work requiring professional labs is best performed in Bangkok, at laboratories such as IQ-LAB.

Photographers with Photo Shoots at and around Gecko Villa

The "Rice" episode of BBC3's "Blood, Sweat and Takeaways" was filmed on location in the villages around Gecko Villa. The locals were amused to see the often inept foreigners trying to earn a living in the countryside....and they await their invitation to the UK to try their own hands at the UK's farming methods and lifestyle.

Among photographers who have used Gecko Villas as a base whilst ferreting out the perfect shot are:

  • Ben Davies Author of Isaan - Forgotten Provinces of Thailand, Laos - A Journey Beyond the Mekong, and "Black Market".
  • Stunning black and white photography by JM Cras (
  • Brian and Karen Bayliss

Films and Documentaries Shot in Thailand

For a map of  locations of well known films  shot in Thailand, and a list of lesser known documentaries on Thailand, do visit our Interactive Map of Films Shot in Thailand.