Visit the Red Lotus Sea (Talay Buadaeng), Udon Thani

Red lotus sea Udon Talay Bua Daeng lake

Breathtaking...the Land of the Lotus Eaters

The Red Lotus Sea (where the flowers are in fact more pink than red) is a quick drive from Gecko Villa. The beauty of the lake is best witnessed in the cool season, from November to February. We recommend rising early to catch the awe-inspiring natural beauty of this phenomenon at its most dramatic. Do take a camera: you will certainly capture some memorable shots.

Free, quick and easy access to the Talay Bua Daeng Lotus Sea

Guests staying at Gecko Villa are ensured of a quick and easy morning trip to the lotus lake to catch it at its very best in the early morning. Simply let us know when you plan to visit the lake, and we will arrange the twelve minute transfer for you free of charge. We will also be happy to help you secure the boat of your choice and buy the respective tickets accordingly. Boats range from old wooden longtail boats to larger aluminium boats with sun roofs for larger parties, and cost in the region of THB300-500 / hour.

Boat trips on the Red Lotus Sea: Land of the Lotus Eaters

The banks of this vast lake are covered in tall elephant grasses that hide the spectacular site beyond. To appreciate the Lotus Sea, a boat can easily be hired to take you out onto the open waters where you will soon be following virtual boat routes through a dense carpet of floating leaves and bright lotus blooms, as a variety of birdlife darts down to trail and play with you. Local fishermen will be seen in their traditional longboats, casting circular nets, picking at some lotus seeds or preparing some large snails to feed their families. Feel free to pick a few lotus stems - these can be made into a crunchy, spicy salad for lunch.

Bird watchers will also have the opportunity to see a wide variety of fowl, from small darting birds to rare breeds that lazily flap their vast wingspans above.

Red Lotus Sea or Talay Bua Daeng

Access the Red Lotus Sea by train

The closest train station is the miniscule local station at Huay Sam Phat, approximately 30 kms before Udon Thani on the Bangkok - Udon Thani train route. Only the slower local trains stop at this sleepy station, and even then only for a matter of seconds, so you need to be quick to get off the train if planning to stop here. Planning an early morning or dawn arrival is best, allowing time to find a samlor to the Lotus Sea at Ban Diam village.