Thailand Holiday lettings: how to choose the perfect Thailand holiday home

Thailand villa for holiday rental

Thailand Holiday Lettings

Holiday lettings in Thailand (known in America as vacation rentals) have become an ever more popular choice for holidaymakers planning a vacation in Thailand. Here we will quickly show why, and give you some tips for finding the perfect holiday home in the kingdom.

Why should I choose a Thailand holiday letting over a hotel?

If you are travelling on business and only intend to stay a night at each destination, the chances are that you will prefer to book a hotel. But for the holidaymaker, a holiday home is often more appealing.

Some of the most common reasons for choosing a Thailand holiday letting include:

  • I can rent a whole house instead of just a room, often at the same price
  • I get a better range of facilities, have a full kitchen and even a private swimming pool.
  • I can get to meet the locals and feel much more integrated.
  • The service is much more personal and the hospitality more genuine
  • I enjoy greater freedom. There are no restrictive hours, no clothing regulations,
  • A private home has so much more character
  • A holiday letting is the perfect option for a family holiday. Children are welcome, and we have space, facilities, local information and suggestions, and more.

What kind of traveler should choose a holiday letting in Thailand?

  • Those leaving on a family holiday to Thailand
  • Groups of friends
  • Couples seeking privacy and space
  • Foodies who want access to a full kitchen after their visits to local markets

How can I book a holiday let in Thailand?

Many websites and some travel agencies will recommend holiday lettings in Thailand. Your aims should be

  • to pick the perfect holiday home
  • to get the best possible rate for your stay
  • to know that the parties you are dealing with are completely trustworthy.

For the best rate, book directly with the holiday letting owner, rather than through a general listings website, or any site that claims to compare prices across providers. These sites generally take a commission in one form or another, often of around 20% - quite simply an extra cost to you. (A more detailed explanation of how the travel trade takes its commissions off holidaymakers and owners can be found on our travel blog's OTA/commission bookings page, or indeed in our travel marketing insider's guide.)

That said, do look through listing sites to find the home or villa or your choosing. If a link to the property's own website is included, so much the better. If it is not, simply try finding the owner's own site via a search engine - use the name of the property or owner's name and location as preliminary search terms.

Trust of an owner will be built up in your communications with them. How quickly do they respond to your messages? Do they answer all your questions? Are they listed with good reviews on Tripadvisor or elsewhere?

Don't forget you can call them to discuss points in person should you wish to do so - with Skype and similar software, there need be no cost in establishing the best possible relationship with the person who is hopefully going to make your Thailand holiday something truly special.

Other Useful Tips in Choosing a Holiday Letting in Thailand

Here are a few additional tips when choosing your holiday home in Thailand, or indeed anywhere else:

  • Does the property have a floor plan? These can be very helpful in giving you an overview of the holiday home.
  • Take a good look at the photo gallery of the holiday let. If you would like to see more images, ask for them!
  • Just as hotels have cancellation policies, so too do vacation rentals. If the policy is not clear, then ask. Travel insurance is a good idea and you will want to check that your policy includes the terms and conditions that are right for you.
  • If you have a special request, do not hesitate to ask the owner in advance how they can help.

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