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Thai food and Thai cooking

Thai Food Recipes - Learn to Cook Thai Food

With only a few essential ingredients, a wok and a little time, preparing and cooking Thai dishes is a lot easier than many people imagine. After a little practice, you will understand the balance of flavours and be able to cook Thai dishes as the Thais themselves do - without the need for a recipe.

Thai Recipes

How do you make green papaya salad?  How do you steam Thai fish? How do I make a Thai curry without using a store-bought curry paste? 

These are some of the questions that we answer here, with easy to follow recipes that will allow you to recreate authentic Thai dishes in your own kitchen.

Pick a Thai recipe from our expanding list below and then simply follow the instructions. Each recipe has a list of measured ingredients and an easy to follow cooking guide.

Cook and learn - or discover more unusual, bizarre Thai food

The recipes for the Thai dishes listed above aim to illustrate the fact that cooking Thai food is not a difficult affair. Thai cuisine is not dissimilar to Chinese food, to the extent that fresh ingredients and preparation are key, whilst the actual cooking, generally in a wok, is usually a quick process.

During your holiday with us, guests interested in Thai cooking are welcome to observe as we cook your meals, or to participate in the cooking itself. Visit an open-air, local fresh food market with us to buy the required ingredients, or pick the necessary herbs and spices in our grounds before learning how to prepare and use them. Hands-on experience is the best way to learn, and will ensure that you are less likely to forget how to rustle up a tasty meal in no time.

For those who are truly adventurous, we will also be happy to show you Thai or northeastern dishes that are frequently eaten locally, but that almost never feature on Thai menus in restaurants overseas, or even in the capital. But beware: these dishes can be very distinct from what is classically known as Thai food, often include locally foraged ingredients, and we do not serve them to guests who do not specifically request them. Nibble fried grasshoppers or dry wok-fried larvae as you enjoy a cold beer, before tasting a searing, hot salad flavoured with pungent, fermented fish and a dark green soup featuring algae from the local lake, or crack into an egg to eat the half-formed chick inside, feathers, bones and all. Or enjoy a plate of herb-infused amniotic sack  if you are lucky enough to visit when one of our cows has just given birth to a new calf.

Changed your mind yet? We thought so!

Thai ingredients, names and substitutes

See our Thai food page for a full list of Thai ingredients, their Thai names and possible substitutes. Although do keep in mind that using  fresh and authentic ingredients is the simplest way to recreate the taste of Thailand.