Spicy Steamed Fish with Lime - Recipe

Thai steam fish lime

Spicy Lime Steamed Fish with our Thai Blitz N' Go sauce

We grow our own limes at Gecko Villa, and their fresh zing really makes this healthy fish dish. Feel free to reduce the number of chilies if you prefer less heat.

You may use snakehead fish or substitute sea bass, sole or similar. This is a very easy dish to make: it is simply a matter of steaming the fish and whizzing up our Blitz 'N Go sauce.

Thai Steamed Fish with Lime - Ingredients

1 whole fish, as above (or use a couple of fillets)

The Blitz-n-Go sauce
2 fresh lemongrass stalks (the lower end only), sliced
50g chopped garlic
2 tbs chopped coriander root
10g chopped Chinese celery
1 large red chili
20 bird eye chilies - fewer if preferred
170 ml fish sauce
125 ml lime juice
45 ml chicken stock or water
40g palm sugar
salt to taste


  • Arrange the fish on a steaming dish. Place thin slices of lime over it, then steam until tender - around 15 minutes.
  • Simply measure all of the sauce ingredients above into a blender then blitz to a  coarse sauce. Pour this over the fish, steam for a further minute to heat, then serve.
  • Optionally, reserve a few celery leaves, chili slices and coriander leaves to garnish the finished fish.


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