Skydiving and Thai Boxing in rural Thailand

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Adventure Holidays in Thailand

Guests at Gecko Villa seeking the thrill of an action and adventure holiday are invited to pump up their adrenalin - with no need to purchase membership - at the region's skydiving, parachuting, and microlight centre (or rather, high in the skies above it as they plummet to earth.) A recent and surprising development in the area, the grass airfield meets international standards and all equipment was imported by the owner, a certified skydiving instructor who places safety above all other factors. Travellers seeking the buzz of extreme sports will enjoy these outings, although we're reminded that if at first you don't succeed, skydiving is probably not for you!

I'd like to jump out of a plane

Do not try this on your domestic flight to Udon Thani. Instead, let us arrange things for you. You may wish to garner the experience of the wind rushing past you as you fall earthwards on a tandem skydive: by completing the jump with an instructor, you will soon catch the bug. The experienced will want to proceed to independent jumps out of a Cessna.

Learn to fly a plane

We can arrange professional instruction on an Ultra-light or Micro-light. Novices completing 25 hours of training often then proceed to seek a pilot licence. Para-motor courses are also available in blocks of 15 hours. Tours in a Cessna 172 can also be arranged.

Flights & Jumps: booking windows and costs

Many of the activities described can readily be arranged with short notice at weekends. For those wishing to jump or fly on weekdays, around a week's notice is generally required. Given typical weather conditions in the area, micro-light and ultra-light flying is usually programmed from 4 p.m. onwards. The club is approximately one hour from Gecko Villa by car and transfers can be arranged. Tandem skydives to initiate those new to this thrill cost from THB10-12,000. Licensed skydivers with their own equipment can jump from the Cessna 172 for around THB1,500 - 2,000.

Thai Boxing, field mouse hunting and more

Muay Thai (or Thai Kickboxing) lessons may be arranged at Gecko Villa with a former professional boxer. However, at Gecko Villa itself most activities are more sedate (such as swimming or field mouse hunting at night), but we have known a qualified pilot to fail to master our temperamental Samlor (akin to a tuk-tuk) during a lesson. Our bicycles are an easier way to see the local villages and country ways of life, although only the foolhardy will try this after a serious session with the local lao khao moonshine.