Weddings in Thailand and Thailand Honeymoons at this Thai Villa: Romance in Nature

Thailand villa for holiday rental

Weddings. Honeymoons. Romance.

If you are planning a small and intimate wedding in Thailand or a romantic Thailand honeymoon, Gecko Villa's own proposal stands out from the crowd. Leave behind those mass ordinations and the petals on the duvet: celebrate your new life as a couple in privacy, comfort and style in your own pool villa.

  • "Even without earth, sky, and sea,
  • My love would go on eternally;
  • Born on earth or in water,
  • I would seek your love forever:
  • If you were the great ocean,
  • As a fish, I'd fulfil my passion;
  • A lotus, myself a bee, then,
  • To live in your sweet pollen"

Sunthorn Phu (1786 - 1855)

As exotic blooms flower, tropical fruit ripens, and sunny days give way to star studded nights, indulge yourselves away from the crowds and enjoy your time together at Gecko Villa, your romantic Thai paradise!

Weddings at the Villa

Gecko Villa is an unusual, memorable and intimate setting for a wedding in Thailand. We can arrange a traditional Thai blessing by monks from the local village temple, followed by a time-honoured Sukwan ceremony to wish the wedding couple long life, happiness, wealth and durable good health. Special celebratory meals may also be arranged on the pool deck of one of the villas. Highlights can include traditional Thai dancing demonstrations, firework displays, suckling pig roasts and more.

The perfect wedding in Thailand

Wedding ceremonies at Gecko Villa will often take advantage of the proximity of our second Thai villa, Green Gecko, which is a quick stroll away. As such, renting both properties for a ceremony to be attended by family and friends allows you to accommodate up to 10 or more guests in the two villas.

In Thailand, a traditional wedding ceremony normally takes places as a civil celebration of marriage, but marriage must be legalized at the local civil registry office or "Amphoer". Whilst it is possible for non-Thais to wed in Thailand, the paperwork and requirements can be fairly onerous and may ultimately detract from the happiness of the event, so we advise couples to celebrate at the villa with a traditional ceremony, whilst formalizing the legal aspects of their marriage either overseas or at the local district office.

The civil ceremony known as "Thong Mun" involves the gift of gold from the groom to the family of the bride. The weight of gold will be stipulated in "baht' (1 baht gold = 15.2 g) and should comprise an even measure of gold. Contrariwise, when monks are invited to a wedding ceremony, they will generally attend in uneven numbers. Intertwined with this ceremony is the practice of "Sinsot" or dowry giving, where the latter is determined by the parents of the bride.

Romantic Thailand wedding and honeymoon

A Thailand Honeymoon of Discovery

Discover different things, together.

Indulge yourselves. We do not believe that dipping a strawberry in chocolate will make a once in a lifetime honeymoon or longer-lasting marriage - instead, dip together into the clear waters of your private pool; dip into the local lake and glide through pink lotus blooms, or dip into sumptuous fresh Thai dishes replete with new and exotic flavours...

Take part in unusual activities such as a traditional blessing by village elders to assure yourselves of longevity, wealth and happiness; enjoy a traditional Thai massage, visit the local forest temple or village school, or venture further away to places of natural beauty or historical significance.

Time to Yourselves

Gecko Villa is yours in its entirety throughout your honeymoon. With its spacious gardens and grounds, privacy is assured and may only be disrupted by an inquisitive water buffalo or wiggling gecko.

To enable you to spend the maximum amount of time together whilst on honeymoon, the villa is serviced daily and all your meals will be prepared for you, the washing up done and your laundry taken care of.