The Frog Leaping Game. Jump to It!

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The Frog Leap Game

Beyond geckos, we also have lots of frogs. Brown ones, green ones, and more.  The object of this game is to move all the frogs from their current side of the pond to the opposite side. In other words, you need to get the groups of green and brown frogs to swap places.

Choose which frog to move first, and click on it to make it jump in the direction it is facing. A frog can move forward only one stone at a time, and can only leap over one other frog at a time. If you make a mistake and can no loger move your frogs, you will need to start again. To do so, simply press on the Reiniciar button.

Under 16? You have two minutes to complete the task. 16 or older? Go on, you can easily get those pesky little frogs to change places in under 45 seconds!

You may need to click to run flash if not already installed on your device.