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A Private Pool Villa in Thailand

A pool villa in Thailand is more and more the "must have" for visitors wishing to enjoy the privacy and space of a private residence. In Thailand's tropical heat, a private swimming pool offers that immediate splash of refreshment, a cooling, calming flow and the perfect location for poolside barbecues with friends - or a long drink under the night time stars. Such a choice may be made by a young couple on a honeymoon, or by those enjoying a family holiday in Thailand who know that centering the vacation around a private pool makes all the difference.

Thailand pool villas at all budgets

Whilst private pool villas in Thailand may originally have been associated with extravagant and lavish resorts on the islands such as Phuket in the country's south, they may now be found across the kingdom. Gecko Villa's own swimming pool lies at the very centre of the villa, inviting guests to jump in and cool down or to swim a few lengths whilst gazing out over the infinity edge to the property's farmlands beyond. Its hand-finished turquoise tiles with natural blemishes underpin the villa's proximity to nature, and the swimming pool's salt water purification system underlines the villa's wish to avoid any chemical storage in favour of a more natural sterilization process.

Thailand pool villa alternatives, options and systems

Gecko Villa has frequently been questioned about the type of filtration and respective equipment used in its swimming pool, or we are asked to make recommendations in respect of suppliers or alternative systems that might be used either locally or elsewhere in the kingdom. The final design of any swimming pool will depend on a number of individual factors that owners need to consider prior to launching any swimming pool construction. These elements (pool volume and shape, pool complexities, overflows, flow rates, lighting etc) will each have an effect on the final budget, as will the final choice of equipment including fundmental components such as the pump, filter, and sterilization method. As a general rule, however, we have for over a decade now been delighted to use Australian salt water chlorinators as the backbone of the pool system.

We would also note that anyone wishing to contruct a DIY swimming pool in Thailand will often be quoted a sparkling array of different prices that have no grounding in reality. The same brand and model of chlorinator or swimming pool pump may be three times more expensive at one supplier that it is at another. So if you do plan to move ahead and take the plunge, then do so only once you have done your research and found someone with experience who can help you!