Public holidays in Thailand and Local Festivals 2016

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2016 Festivals and holidays in Thailand

A list of Thai national festivals and public holidays follows.

Of these, the most raucous Thai holiday is the Songkran festival (Thai New Year), where water and talc is thrown in abundance on each and every passing person, and vast amounts of alcohol are consumed over consecutive days. Be ready to get wet if you intend to be in Thailand at this time of year. Do not try to stay dry: just smile and enjoy!

In the villages around Gecko Villa, you will often witness local ceremonies and traditional rites that do not feature on any calendar, but can be fascinating to attend or in which to participate. You may witness a novice monk's initiation ceremony, where a young man makes merit and enters the monkhood for a period of time (this generally involves a colourful procession on foot with the novice held aloft and paraded through the village with much dancing); morlam or morlam sing performances - music concerts varying from small affairs on makeshift stages to major performances by larger groups with dancers; merit-making festivals at the local temples; or funerals, weddings etc. A large part is usually played by alcohol in the majority of these occasions, with rice whisky and other indigenous brews flowing freely.

Public holidays in Thailand 2016

If a public holiday in Thailand falls on a weekend, the following working day is substituted as a holiday. To simplify your travel plans, the list of Thai holidays below shows the actual dates when the holidays are observed.

  • 1 Jan - New Year's Day
  • 22 Feb  - Magha Puja Day
  • 6 Apr  - Chakri Memorial Day
  • 13 Apr  - Songkran Festival
  • 14 Apr - Songkran Festival
  • 15 Apr - Songkran Festival
  • 2 May  - National Labour Day (Substitute Day)
  • 5 May - Coronation Day
  • 6 May  - Additional celebratory public holiday
  • 20 May - Visakha Bucha Day
  • 18 Jul  - Additional celebratory public holiday
  • 19 Jul  - Asalha Puja Day
  • 20 Jul  - Khao Phansa Day
  • 12 Aug - Her Majesty the Queen's Birthday
  • 24 Oct  - Chulalongkorn Memorial Day (Substitute Day)
  • 5 Dec  - His Majesty the King's Birthday
  • 12 Dec  - Constitution Day (Substitute Day)