Map to zoom around Um Chan village

Finding your way around the villa and Um Chan

We have drawn up a zoomable, interactive map of Gecko Villa. This shows the position of the villa relative to the nearby villages of Um Chan, Koke Lante and Nam Thieng. It also marks additional villages and the position of the local lotus lake.

If you plan to go cycling independently, to take the samlor out for a spin around the countryside in local style, or even to go jogging in the immediate vicinity, we hope this map will help you get your bearings.

Be aware that local map reading knowledge in Thailand is not of the highest order, so not everyone nearby will be able to identify points on the map. If you get lost, check the names of the villages and your location, or simply ring us so we can come and collect you.

Do also note that the Google map is not entirely up to date, so we have added a marker showing the start and end of the second unsurfaced track that leads from Gecko Villa down to Um Chan village.